What makes us different?

Iron Battalion was founded by a group of passionate CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts. Our number one priority is delivering outstanding customer service, effective training, and a fun atmosphere to you. When you join IBCF, you just don’t join a gym, you join a family. We not only care about your experience in our facility, but we deeply care about your overall wellbeing. At IBCF, not only will we CrossFit together, we will hike, BBQ, go to the beach, and party together. Everyone is included from day 1 and is felt welcome.


If you join Iron Battalion, we promise four things:

  1. You will have fun
  2. You will get stronger
  3. You will lose fat
  4. You will be a part of our family

Known as the Cleanest Gym in the Valley

For those of you with OCD like us.

Awesome Trainers

Come see for yourself. You don't know what you're missing.

Great Community

Our members are the reason we have such a cool environment to come to work to everyday. We strive to know each and every one of them on a personal level. This is so much different then a typical gym atmosphere.

Iron Battalion Born

Sony Torre and Jason started their journey.
  • Started LLC
  • Signed Lease
  • Bought Equipment from Games
  • Sept. 19th Grand Opening

First CrossFit Games

CrossFit introduced the sport of fitness to the world in 2007, when a small group of around 70 athletes gathered at a ranch in northern California for the inaugural CrossFit Games.

CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman has always believed the fittest athletes would be able to handle any and every task, so the first event of the 2007 CrossFit Games was chosen randomly. With Coach Glassman presiding, colored balls labeled with movements were pulled from a hopper.

  • 70 Athletes
  • The Ranch
  • Hopper
  • $500 First Prize

Launched crossfit.com

The website www.crossfit.com was officially launched. Since its launch it has been a gathering place for new athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn about, talk about, and discuss CrossFit and its method of training. In fact, many new fitness enthusiasts first learned how to implement Greg’s fitness training into their own fitness routine on the website.
  • Website Launch

First Affiliate

In 2000, Greg officially founded his new company as Crossfit. Soon after being officially founded the very first affiliate gym was founded in Seattle as Crossfit North.
  • Founded Company
  • First Affiliate-CrossFit North

Glassman's First Gym

Greg’s first gym was established in 1995 in Santa Cruz, California. Shortly after that, in the same year, Greg was officially hired by the Santa Cruz Police Department to help train their law enforcement officers. During this time training at his new gym he began to be booked with single clients and decided to double train individuals. This method of personal training for groups began to take off. This solution to his problem of being too busy was a big factor to Crossfit being founded and spreading throughout the United States and World.
  • Glassman's First Gym
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Hired by Police Department
  • Started Group Training
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