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Kevin began his CrossFit journey in 2013 when he came off active duty in the Navy as a United States Navy Corpsman. He served for four years of active duty with the Marine Corps and currently serves still in the United States Navy Reserve with Naval Construction Battalion 18th Regiment. While in the reserves he has always been a lead instructor for fitness regiments for sailors that need to become deployment ready, trying out for Special Forces programs, and assisting in wellness development of sailors and veterans making the transition to civilian life.
The spark that made Kevin realize that CrossFit was where he belonged was when he came off active duty. While searching for his place back in the civilian world a friend recommended that Kevin try CrossFit to stay in shape while he was in the reserve. After his first week of classes Kevin was hooked on always making himself better than yesterday which is a mantra that he lives by.
When Kevin is not coaching CrossFit you can find him training for local CrossFit competitions, studying to finish his degree in Biology to become a doctor in the future, or exploring the outdoors.
• High intensity endurance training
• Gymnastics training
• Mobility focused improvement
• Military style mindset training

Training Experience
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Adult CPR/AED Certified

Meet Other Trainers

For Coach Nicole her CrossFit journey started with a groupon back in 2011! After pushing herself for 4 weeks she was addicted! After 6 months of actively training and being a part of the amazing crossfit community she received her Level 1 and starting coaching in Auckland, New Zealand. When Nicole is not coaching at Iron Battalion she is chauffeuring her 3 children around or helping them with homework! And every chance she gets she is off to the mountains camping, mountain biking or relaxing by a pool in Palm Springs with her family! Crossfit is a family affair in the Pieroni household, all 5 family members enjoy a good wod! Nicole has a great time coaching the kids including her 11 year old daughter weekly.
Sony has always made it a point in life to look ahead and try new things. If she got too comfortable with life that meant she wasn't challenging herself enough. Part of those challenges took her to a new country and finding a new career.  She moved from Stuttgart, Germany to New York City in 1999 where she lived for ten years. As soon as that started to get a little too familiar she started looking for a new adventure.  This is where she packed up her moving truck and headed west. It is here in Los Angeles where she found  a profession that is continuously challenging (gym owner, motivator, personal trainer, and CrossFit coach).  With fitness both indoor and outdoors she was able to connect with her new city and meet new friends. In addition to CrossFit she loves hiking, rollerblading, snowboarding, riding her dirt bike and learning about other cultures and languages. She speaks English, German, and Slovakian. Specialties
  • CrossFit
  • Personal Training
  • Functional Training
  • Program Design
  • TRX
  • Boot Camp
Torre has extensive experience in a multitude of athletic arenas. Torre played football at Georgetown University where he was participating in their Strength and Conditioning program. Torre has trained extensively for athletic performance and is great coach for any athlete looking to become more explosive. His personal bests are 4.50 seconds in the 40 yard dash, vertical jump 32 inches, and 4.1 in the 5-10-5 shuttle. After graduation, Torre commissioned in the Marine Corps and did one tour of duty in Afghanistan. During his military service, Torre gained a great appreciation for the rigors of endurance and tactical conditioning. Despite Torre’s extensive athletic background, he says CrossFit has pushed him harder than any other athletic experience and is in the best shape of his life. He looks forward to sharing his passion with you!


  • Sports Training
  • Military Conditioning