Sony has always made it a point in life to look ahead and try new things. If she got too comfortable with life that meant she wasn’t challenging herself enough. Part of those challenges took her to a new country and finding a new career.  She moved from Stuttgart, Germany to New York City in 1999 where she lived for ten years. […]

Torre has extensive experience in a multitude of athletic arenas. Torre played football at Georgetown University where he was participating in their Strength and Conditioning program. Torre has trained extensively for athletic performance and is great coach for any athlete looking to become more explosive. His personal bests are 4.50 seconds in the 40 yard […]

What I find most powerful about training, CrossFit specifically, is its direct correlation with shaping character. When WODs are difficult, you can feel and visibly see them make you stronger. You also observe that results come from hard work. There aren’t any spoiled kids in the box. Everything is earned and you own it. No […]

    Jasson has a fun laid back style of coaching. He has a fitness background in kickboxing and MMA. Being in, what he thought, was good shape he recalls his first CrossFit class as extremely confusing. “The movements were fine but the fact that a 60 year old man is whoopin my ass in a workout […]

      For Coach Nicole her CrossFit journey started with a groupon back in 2011! After pushing herself for 4 weeks she was addicted! After 6 months of actively training and being a part of the amazing crossfit community she received her Level 1 and starting coaching in Auckland, New Zealand. When Nicole is not coaching at […]

      Kevin began his CrossFit journey in 2013 when he came off active duty in the Navy as a United States Navy Corpsman. He served for four years of active duty with the Marine Corps and currently serves still in the United States Navy Reserve with Naval Construction Battalion 18th Regiment. While in the reserves he […]

        I’m originally from Chicago but have lived in Wisconsin, Seattle, and now Southern California which has become my favorite thus far. I’ve been passionate about my fitness my whole life. I was a competitive figure skater starting at a very young age. In high school, I played softball, tennis, and was on the dance cheer […]

          In previous years Joe was extremely involved with wrestling and track, so much so that he earned the captain position in both sports. Since those days he has been exploring a multitude of fitness arenas over the past two decades. From boxing to interval training, obstacles races to long distance road biking, Joe has spent […]

            Thomas has spent his life around athletics and weight training and has been involved in nearly every competitive sport under the sun since he was 5. He has a particular love for wrestling, football, and weightlifting. Thomas was a member of the Louisiana State University’s Powerlifting team for 4 years and commissioned as an officer […]

              Cherise was born in San Francisco at home to two hippie parents and several dear friends chanting OM when she came into the world. Practicing Sun Salutations with her Dad is one of her early memories. Cherise grew up as part of a family band traveling to yoga farms and ashrams. Where she met several […]

                Alex started his Crossfit journey back in 2015. After a few short months he quickly found that he has a natural ability for the sport and climbed to the top of the leaderboard. Just being great at the sport wasn’t enough, he wanted to help others lose weight, get healthy, and build muscle. He wanted […]

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